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Welcome to the Suburban Parochial Football League

The SPFL provides opportunities for students in grades 5 through 8 to play football in a competitive and fun environment.

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  • IHSA Fall Practice Restrictions:
    Before participating in a contest or scrimmage, each player must have a minimum of ninety (90) minutes of actual field practice on twelve(12) different days. The first 3 days of practice for each player must be in only a helmet. For 2015, high school practices can begin on Monday August 10th. Up to six (6) double sessions can be counted as individual practices.

  • Since this discusson comes up so much, the SPFL Ruling on Stripers from the bylaws:
    General: There can be a maximum of 5 stripers on the field at any time and they must be marked with a contrasting stripe on their helmet.  The stripe must be a minimum of one (1) inch and cover the circumference of the helmet (from ear-hole to ear-hole in a complete circle). Failure to comply will result in the player being removed from the game and the violating team being charged a timeout. The player can only return once the stripe is in compliance with league rules.

    A striper shall not advance the football under any circumstances (i.e. kick/punt return, fumble recovery, pass interception, pass reception, running, etc).  The player must down the ball immediately at the spot of possession.

    Offense: Any player classified as a striper will be restricted to the following positions and/or stipulations: Offense center, guard, tackle or any non-eligible pass receiving/ball carrying position on the line, regardless of jersey number. By way of clarification, any formation with a striper uncovered at the end of one side of the line is an illegal formation. For example, the Right Tackle (RT) in the following formation cannot be a striper: WR | TE | LT | LG | C | RG | RT.

    Defense: No restriction on position but stripers must line-up in a set position within five (5) yards of the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. "Set position" does not mean in a 3-pt stance, it means not moving forward at the snap.

    Kicks: No restriction on the kickoff team but on the kick return team, all stripers must line-up no more than ten (10) yards from the placement of the football. On punt returns, stripers must line-up within five (5) yards of the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped.
    On punts and place kicks there is no restriction unless lining up in an eligible position of end, blocking back, punter, holder (placekick only), or kicker (placekick only). If a striper lines up in one of these positions then the ball cannot be advanced under any circumstances except by punting or kicking. Should there be a bad snap or the ball muffed, the play shall immediately be whistled dead and the ball shall be placed at the spot it was at when the play ended (referee's determination).

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